SCRIP PrestoPay

Order anytime for Reload and Scripnow; or by midnight Sunday for plastic cards

  1. To order and pay ONLINE:
    If not yet registered, register at shopwithscrip with enrollment code available from Kathy Genasci or Karen Mitchell

    Sign-up for Presto Pay and contact Kathy Genasci or Karen Mitchell to activate your Presto Pay account.

    Choose your cards from hundreds of businesses to order for pick-up. (Must pick-up order on Wednesdays.)

    Or, choose ScripNOW! and you can choose from 60+ businesses to that allow you to print your own eCard or send these electronically as gifts within minutes.

    Or, choose to Reload online, a previously purchased SCRIP gift card when available. (Cards reloaded at the local store will not receive SCRIP credit)

  2. Then, pay with PRESTO PAY by midnight Sundays.
  3. Finally, pick up your order at Starbucks on South Main on Wednesdays, between 6 and 7 PM.

Questions? Contact: 
Kathy Genasci or Karen Mitchell 
Scrip Coordinator at