Chorale – This is a non-auditioned choir for all freshmen and any beginners or students who do not want to audition for one of the more advanced groups. Chorale participates in three concerts a year and Music in the Parks at Great America. This choir is a great place to develop beginning skills and confidence.

Bel Canto – This is an auditioned intermediate treble choir. In this choir we expand on the skills learned in Chorale. This group performs in at least three concerts a year with an occasional community performance. They also participate in a professional recording workshop at Disneyland Every other year.

A Cappella – This is our advanced auditioned mixed group. This group does more advanced 4-8 part music and performs wherever music is needed. Along with the 3 concerts, they perform in festivals, at local churches and many school events. They also perform and participate in the recording workshop at Disneyland every other year. This group learns a lot of music at a faster pace than the other two.

Jazz choirs – There are two jazz choirs that meet during X period before school. One is auditioned and one is not. These groups perform at the concerts and the auditioned group also performs in the community and several jazz festivals including the Fullerton Jazz festival every other year.

Barbershop groups – These groups are auditioned quartets. One guys and one or two girls. They meet at lunch and on their own time to learn four part barbershop style music. They perform at all concerts, some football games and other community events.